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Release notes for Commence RM 4.1a.

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About the Update 

This Update will upgrade Commence RM Designer Edition version 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, and 4.0(a) to the Commence RM Designer Edition version 4.1a release.


Changes in Commence RM version 4.1a


* Resolved error "Encountered an improper argument" while saving a new record via a detail form.

* Improved the display of detail form connection controls using combostyle; whitespace is no longer shown.

* In grid views, prefix matching search text is properly cleared/reset with UP or DOWN arrow keys.

* Resolved grid view issue where scroll bar does not display for views in summary mode.

* Improved the expland/collapse feature for grid views with grouping.

* Report Designer: Improved report conversion to Active Reports 6 to better handle faulty report layouts containing invalid field names.

* Resolved Word integration issue where after applying the service pack, application settings under Preferences - Letters were cleared.

* Resolved mail merge message, "error has occurred in Commence macros(Main):0",  after applying the service pack.

* Resolved error in using custom document file name for mail merges.


Changes in Commence RM version 4.1



*   Windows 8 installations supported; Commence installs and runs as a 32-bit application in 64-bit Windows OS.

*   Office 2013 (32-bit only) supported for Word mail merges and Excel graphs of sales opportunity data.

*   Redesigned grid view for improved performance and user interface.

*   Grid view tool tip pop-up to improve visibility for truncated cells.

*   Reposition grid view columns on-the-fly with simple drag and drop.

*   Report Designer update with new interface for toolbars, script editor and preview tabs and toolbox properties.

*   New chart control for the report designer to insert bar, pie and line charts.

*   Conversion utility to easily update existing report views to use the new designer.  Unconverted reports can continue to be used, as is.

*   Workgroup Export report enhancements include workgroup ID numbers in workgroup summary and client sync status charts.

*   Larger windows for Open/Manage Views, Send Letter, and Workgroup Assign Users dialog boxes.

*   Default installation for 'All Users' no longer requires Windows administrator rights.

*   Program settings previously saved to the Windows registry (HKLM) are now stored in the COMMENCE.INI file.  'Current User' installations remain in the registry (HKCU).

*   Database settings previously saved to the Windows registry (HKLM) are now stored in the DATABASE.INI file.

*   Outlook Add-in updated to read the INI file instead of the Windows registry.


Changes in Commence RM version 4.0(a)



*   Commence Dashboard and Social Networking



*   Report viewer/writer enhancements to help support view refreshes and page numbering
 Calendar enhancements to date selection and switching modes 
 Updated copy item function to ignore a sequence number value
 Resolved crash on switching desktops during a global search function
 Multiview enhancements to better support drag/drop while switching secondary view tabs
 Outlook plug-in enhancements to better support Office 2010
 Ribbon toolbar enhancements to better support drag/drop and agent edit shortcuts
 Workgroup synchronization enhancements for very large database enrollments



Changes in Commence RM version 4.0



*   Office 2007-style Ribbon replaces the Menu bar.

*  Quick Access Toolbar gives every user ability to create shortcut buttons on toolbar for commands, views, or agents.

*  KeyTips (keyboard shortcuts) are now available for all menu commands

*  Ribbon buttons (featuring Aero-style icons) now available for every menu command

*   Windows 7 installations supported; Commence installs and runs as a 32-bit application in 64-bit Windows OS.

*   New Tag Email feature for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010

*   Office 2010 (32-bit only) supported for Word mail merges and Excel graphs of sales opportunity data.

*  Calendar mini-month now includes week numbers


*  Workgroup synchronizaton monitoring integrated with Message Log feature

*  Message Log icon automatically changes from white to yellow to orange to red indicating the severity of the status

*  Administrator can easily adjust thresholds to allow certain # of days, # of hours, or # of changes before warning appears

*  System Information screen enhanced to display more workgroup status information, including date of last synchronization, number of changes behind, and current sync pointers.

*  Mobile Link updated to synchronize with additional mobile devices and with Google applications

*  Supported mobile devices include iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm WebOS (Palm Pre), and Windows Mobile.



Menu changes:

*  Commence Application button is now used to open/manage databases.

*  Reorganized and consolidated menu commands to group compatible features together.

*  New 'Home' menu features all user-defined shortcut buttons and menu picks for views and agents

*  'Views' menu relabeled to 'View' to be consistent with Microsoft standards

*  'Window' menu commands moved to 'View' menu.

*  'File' menu commands moved to 'Tools' menu.

*  Preferences command moved to 'Edit' menu.




*  Calendar view Mini-month dates are properly refreshed and font turns bold when new appointments are added

*  In multi-views, (-SelectedText-) filter is properly applied when switching primary views.

*  Resolved issues when creating HTML calendar 
      *  Home - Send no longer creates blank calendar if it contains un-timed appointments.

      *  Home - Send now works with calendar view names containing a colon (:) character.

*  Improved calendar printing to properly handle monthly calendar views that span 6 weeks.

*  Resolved minor issue with Day Mode selector which showed '2 days' when calendar was actually in 'day' mode.

*  Resolved calendar right-click/add issue which added appointment to another date instead of the date selected.

*  Calendar view now respects the save position on exit setting

*  Calendar view now respects the start time display option, when used as a secondary view in multi-views

*  Grid views now operate faster when the Styles feature is enabled


Applies To

  • Commence RM 4.1
  • Commence RM 4.0(a)
  • Commence RM 4.0
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